What's Happening

Once upon a time, a small group of EP nurses got together to lament the impossibility of finding education for EP lab staff. Where would they get the education they needed to increase their knowledge of and gain competence in this new specialty? The answer from their physician mentors? Organize your own workshop.

They formed the South Atlantic Society of Electrophysiology for Allied Professionals (SASEAP) as an answer to the need for EP knowledge, training, and professional interactions.

SASEAP was run for 25 years by a small group of seasoned professionals assisted by a volunteer board of allied health professionals (AHPs) with extensive electrophysiology experience in the lab and in clinics as staff and managers. Unfortunately, due to a hurricane, declining support from sponsors, hospital unwillingness to fund off-site education, increasing hotel costs, and online alternatives, SASEAP is forced to end its series of yearly workshops.

What About My Credits?

We will continue to operate our website through June, 2019, so prior workshop attendees can view and print their credits. If you need to access your credits, you can logon to our website (see below). If you have lost your keycode for last year, you can retrieve it by entering your email address. If you need credits from an earlier year, send an email to bobroth@saseap.org and we will do the best we can to retrieve them.